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Sirpa Häkli, left to right: State of Nature I, Tabula Non Rasa III and II, oil and / or acrylic colour on canvas, à 170x215 cm, 2016-2017 ©Sirpa Häkli 2017

Welcome to my website. I am a visual artist and a painter. I have studied painting and printmaking in the 1980'ies at Turku Arts Academy (Turun Piirustuskoulu) in Finland and at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. In the 2000s I studied history of art at the University of Helsinki

On this website I present my artworks and ideas about making art. To enter the pages please use the navigation bar.

Sirpa Häkli, Visual Artist and Painter, 2016. Photo ©Alma Kilpi 2016

At the NEWS site you can find information about my projects and my exhibitions. There is an archive about my past projects and exhibitions as well.

At the ARTIST STATEMENT site you will find some texts about my art and my artistic thinking. See for the site Curriculum Vitae (Résumé), too.

At the GALLERY site you can have a look at my artistic production.

At the site named SEASON'S ARTWORK I present an art works per season: Spring (from March to May), Summer (from June to August), Autumn (from September to November), Winter (from December to February).

Sirpa Häkli Work-in-Progress (I) 2012 © Sirpa Häkli 2012

At the site ART TO DECORATE AND AS A GIFT you will find information about how and where to buy my artworks. If you live outside of Finland please visit my site at SAATCHI ART as well. For additional information, please TAKE CONTACT.

Sirpa Häkli Work-in-Progress (II) 2012 © Sirpa Häkli 2012

The copyright holder of the contents and the photos of this website is the artist. If you wish to use the texts or the photos for other purpose than personal use, please take contact. I am represented by the copyright society for artists working in the field of visual arts Kuvasto .